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Type II Diabetes is NOT caused
by what you eat!

Yesterday, I shared some scary diabetes statistics with you…

And I told you how the mainstream solutions – like diet and exercise – don’t work.

But perhaps you’re wondering…

“If diabetes isn’t caused by food, what exactly is the cause?”

And that’s what I want to talk about today.

You see, most people think diabetes is caused by a build up of sugar in your blood.

And that’s partly true. But it’s only half the story.

Here, let me quickly explain…

If you have diabetes, you’ve probably heard of insulin. You might even be taking insulin right now.

But you might not know why it’s so important… or how it works.

See, insulin is a natural hormone produced by your body. Its main role is to remove excess sugar from your blood stream.

If you think of your body like a car, sugar is the fuel that keeps it going.

And insulin is the driver – directing and guiding it where it needs to go.

But when your body can’t make enough insulin, there’s simply no way to remove sugar from your blood stream.

So it just sort of floats around aimlessly until your body finds something to do with it.

First, it tries removing sugar through urine – which is why it seems like you’re running to the bathroom every 15 minutes.

When that doesn’t work, it’s stored as fat around your midsection…

Or sent to your arms and legs – causing tingling, numbness, and even nerve pain

Or it gets into the arteries in your eyes – causing blurry vision and eventually leading to blindness.

It even clogs your arteries – leading to a deadly heart attack or stroke.

I know, that sounds scary…

But the bottom line is this: when your body can’t make enough insulin, it has no way of cleaning sugar out of your blood stream.

And that’s what causes diabetes.

It doesn’t matter if you eat nothing but spinach and kale…

If your body isn’t making enough insulin, your blood sugar will rise out of control.

It’s why I say diabetes has NOTHING to do with what you eat.

And it’s why, in my live webinar on December 11th, I’ll show you a simple way to boost your body’s insulin production.

It’s like an all-natural “jumpstart” – allowing your body to naturally clean excess sugar from your blood stream…

And reversing your diabetes in 28 days.

I’m so excited to share all the details with you on December 11th.

Be sure to tune in at exactly 1:00 PM EST when the event starts – so you don’t miss a thing.

Talk soon,
Dr. Richard Gerhauser

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