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Does the 28-day diabetes treatment
actually work?

Dr. Richard Gerhauser here.

Yesterday, you heard about how Type II Diabetes isn’t caused by what you eat.

I showed you how it’s actually a problem with your body’s ability to produce insulin…

…and I hinted at a quick, easy solution to “jumpstart” your insulin production.

So you can reverse your diabetes in just 28 days.

Well, believe it or not, this simple treatment starts with the strange-looking fruit you see right here:

For centuries, traditional healers in China and Japan have used this plant to combat diabetes.

You see, it works by “activating” your pancreas…

…allowing it to pump insulin into your blood stream.

As you remember, insulin is what carries sugar out of your blood and into your cells – so your body can use it as fuel.

Think of it as an all-natural “jumpstart”

Revving up your body’s ability to create insulin…

Cleaning excess sugar out of your body…

And completely reversing Type II Diabetes in just 28 days.

Want proof? Just listen to this…

In 2001, a group of scientists from the University of Kansas took 24 patients with Type II Diabetes and split them into two groups.

One group received an extract from this strange-looking plant…

While the other group took a popular diabetes drug called glyburide.

At the beginning of the trial, doctors measured each patients’ blood numbers…

I’m talking about fasting blood glucose and HbA1c levels… triglycerides… even their LDL and HDL cholesterol.

And, afterjust 28 days, they were stunned when they saw the results.

See, Himalayan Silk performed 238 % better than Big Pharma’s leading drug.

Let me repeat…

This all-natural plant worked 238% better than one of the most popular diabetes drugs.

Can you believe it?

Specifically, it lowered fasting glucose levels 27%

And cured Type II Diabetes in all 12 patients.

Can you imagine…

Watching your fasting glucose levels drop 27% - and being declared “diabetes free”?

Truth be told, this is the most powerful diabetes-reversing solution I’ve ever seen.

But, friend, it gets better…

Because this strange plant also lowered LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) by 23%...

It increased HDL cholesterol (the good kind) by 18%...

And triglycerides improved by 16%.

Imagine the look on your doctor’s face when all your numbers improve…

Imagine how you’ll feel when he tells you, “your diabetes is gone.”

Now imagine hearing those words just 28 days from today…

If you’re ready to feel these life-changing results for yourself, make sure you’re there on December 11th at exactly 1:00 PM Eastern Time.

I share all the details on this strange-looking plant. Including what it’s called and the only place to get it.

You’ll also get the exact dosage I recommend, and when you should take it…

And how long it takes before you’ll start seeing results (hint: book your next doctor’s appointment exactly 4 weeks from today).

I’m so excited for you to know how it feels to be declared “diabetes free.”

See you on Tuesday, December 11th at 1:00 PM EST.

Until then,
Dr. Richard Gerhauser

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